Haven Technologies (Spring 2023)


Created prototypes for SaaS life insurance applications

During the spring of 2023, I worked as a part-time Product Design Intern at Haven Technologies, a SaaS company that offers cloud-native, end-to-end insurance software to streamline and enhance the operations of life, disability, and annuity insurers.

I worked with the Advisor New Business team, which supports new business initiatives within the insurance sector, integrating Haven Technologies' platform across different insurance products and services.

In my role, I collaborated with product managers and developers, adhering to agile development practices to ensure the integration of my designs into the product.

My responsibilities included designing error screens, crafting UX copy, and enhancing the user interface with elements like modals and toasts from our design system. Additionally, I ensured all designs adhered to the WCAG accessibility guidelines and followed the established design system rules.

My Role

Product Design Intern

The Team

Product Managers


UX Design, Prototyping


January - May 2023 (4 months)

Screens and Flows Designed

Block submitted application from being edited

Global Error Banner when unable to connect with product or premium service

Redesign 5xx and 404 Pages

Resending Signature Email workflow with Banner

Resending Signature Email workflow with Modal and Toast

Redesigning the Valora Life Landing Page


Communication is Key

During my internship, I closely followed design specifications and gained valuable experience conducting visual QA checks. The iterative nature of the projects highlighted the importance of clear communication in the role of a UX designer.

Principles in Practice

The experience of translating design concepts into UI elements improved my understanding of user interface design and accessibility design. I learned about the importance of consistency, usability, and brand coherence across different platforms.

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Made with 💖 © 2024 Emily Lee

Made with 💖 © 2024 Emily Lee